Simple Pla-…I mean Simple PENGUINS!!!!!!

June 11, 2008

Hey guys. As many of you know the band “Simple Plan”. Well, here’s the club penguin version! Teehee!


ClubPenguinPicture-29.jpgHa! Isn’t that hilarious?! My penguin has the one with the funny/weirdest face cuz I like being funny and weird,Kirby has a shy face cuz she’s kinda shy, and Cordially has an annoyed face because she is more mature than Kirby and I. Lol, hoped you liked it CUZ I SPENT LIKE 30 MINUTES ON IT! Lol, BYE!

~Cmervos 😀

p.s. I don’t mean to make fun of Simple Plan. I like their songs!


  1. thanx cmervos! i rock!

  2. u deleted my comments 😦

  3. so?2 many comments

  4. 😦

  5. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CORD! you monster! screams corddddd!

  6. rofl!

  7. hahaha its funny but they songs rock!

  8. sorry them songs

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