Summer beach party!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

June 22, 2008

Hey guys and gals. I’m having a beach party to celebrate summer on club penguin. My igloo will be on the map. We’ll have snacks and tanning and i dunno what else. Here’s an invitation:

ClubPenguinPicture-34-1.jpg picture by cmervos


  1. i will TOTALLY be there

  2. Hey C… do you mean this friday? Cuz unless were like in a different time zone friday for me is the 27th 😛

    I just need to be sure

    More importantly… is it THIS year?

    Even more importantly… will there be pie? 😀

  3. yes R, there will be pie! (of course!) yea its this friday. yes its this year and ur in the right time zone. see ya then 🙂

    ~cmervos :p

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