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A poem

June 24, 2008

Hey guys. Here’s a poem i made:

When your by my side

There’s no lie

That you have been there for me

When I was happy, sad, and when i cried.

You gave me your shoulder

When i cried.

When I needed you most

You were by my side

Whether we were at the mall

or going on a car ride

we will always be friends

Our friendship is tied

One on one

We will always run

away from the bad


We will always have fun

Forever friends.





Beach Party!

June 24, 2008

Hello, this is Mimi. Cmervos told me about the party she’s having on cp this Friday. Just a reminder that it’s Friday at her igloo all day long, even if she isnt on, you could still party with people at her Beach Party! 

ClubPenguinPicture-34-1.jpg picture by cmervos 


That’s the invitation. Remember: EVERYONE is welcome! Her igloo will be on the map. We will meet in Frozen. See you all then!