A poem

June 24, 2008

Hey guys. Here’s a poem i made:

When your by my side

There’s no lie

That you have been there for me

When I was happy, sad, and when i cried.

You gave me your shoulder

When i cried.

When I needed you most

You were by my side

Whether we were at the mall

or going on a car ride

we will always be friends

Our friendship is tied

One on one

We will always run

away from the bad


We will always have fun

Forever friends.





  1. i broke up with purple. i threw my braclet away. he exit me. there i made ur day. and friday is the 27th not the 29th…lol but i maked my calandar for both days. i should b covered.

  2. Your invited to my party:
    Please look at link:

  3. whoa…. great poem I added you to my blogroll btw

    Awesome totally awesome 😀

    Oh yh you don’t have to add me to ur blogthingy if you don’t want to.

    Cya pie buddy!



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