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Mission answers (sorry im late!)

June 27, 2008 to G and go to the dock

2.take the lanturn that Clutsy left and go back to talk to G

3.follow the map (which you go to the town first) and keep following it until it gets to the plaza

4. talk to the pizza man and get a double meat pizza with extra grey fish at the pizza parlor and give it to the guy with the newspaper and make a trade

5. take the newspaper and get the map out

6. go to the coffee shop and help clean up the cookie mess and get a cookie

7. go to the lighthouse and take the balloons from the orange penguin

8. take a barrel of cream soda

9. take a net at the lighthouse

10. go to the hq and take the secret fedora hat that has a propellor on it at the surveillance place and the hammer

11. go back to the town and put the hat on the green puffle and give him a cookie

12. take the map piece and stick it with the other map piece

13. look at the superhelium that is next to the sub 1000 and ask g about it then take it (you have to click on the superhelium)

14. go to the sports shop and get the tent nails

15. go into the cave at the dock and use that map to go through it (use the lanturn for light)

16. use the wrench to get the pipe our of the way

17. there are two ways to lift up the gift shop, way 1 shake up the cream soda just enough so that it doesnt explode but lifts up the gift shop 2. use the helium to blow up a balloon and fly up to the top of the gift shop in the town

 if you did the 1st option,put the net under the store right away  and nail it in with a hammer but if you did 2. just be at the town and put the net under the gift shop and nail it in with a hammer

19. get into the cave at where the gift shop used to be and go though the tunnel and turn to the right and fix the gear in the machine thing and get it out with a screw then go into the boiler room

20. talk to herbert the polar bear

21. click on the boiler and fix the pipes, (make a line to from the top to the end)

22. talk to g in the hq (he is beside the map that has lightup things) and give him the clock tower gear and recieve the medal.

Hope this helped!




Rockhopper and new sports catalog.

June 27, 2008

Hey guys and gals of Earth and beyond. Alright, here are the events that happened 2day:

1.New sports catalog: football,basketball,soccer ball,and basketball shirts.


ClubPenguinPicture-36-1.jpg picture by cmervos

And here’s the Sports’ Catalog:




untitled-1-1.jpg picture by cmervos

To get the Cleats, you have to click on the soccer ball. Hope I helped!


~Cmervos 🙂


Hasta lavista fishy :(

June 27, 2008

Last night when i was going to bed i was about to feed my fish when i saw it lying at the bottom of its tank knocked out dead. Sniff.



2007-2008 @11:00 P.M. 😦



An untrue friend

June 27, 2008

Guys, i was on cp just now and i changed my clothes. then people where making grossed out faces at me, and i was like: “what?”. then DJMAX10 came to my friend’s igloo and said: “CMERVOS YOU ARE SICK! IM TOTALLY REMOVING YOU!”. and im like: “what did i do?”. Then my bff ddog says:”CMERVOS PUT ON CLOTHES!” and i said:”I AM WEARING CLOTHES!”. sigh. DJ I HOPE UR HAPPY U EMBARASSED ME SO BAD IM NEVER TALKING TO U AGAIN! 😦