Can someone answer this? Be owner for a month AND advertise ur blog if you help me….

October 5, 2008

Alright, so many of you saw how my pictures always come out blurry or unreadable or u just cant see it well, its not clear. WELL, all i do is press print screen then paste it into paint…i zoom into it b4 i take the pic (not too much) and i enlarge it a little to make it more clear. No matter what i do or try it always comes out the same. And i want clear pics like cordially and rrayray(etc)….i dont want pics like the 1’s that i make cuz theyre just not really….clear….and u cant really see them good enough and stuff SO what YOURE gonna do is help me. And i cant paste my pics onto microsoft word (etc.) DONT ASK why. but if you can help me, and i try it, and it seems really clear and its a really good pic, then i’ll make you owner for a month, and ill advertise youre site. thanks, good luck.



  1. Vos
    if u wanna get a certain part of a picture, dont zoom in first, select the part u want, copy it then delete everything else. Then make the paint window (the white bit) really small, then paste your picture, see if that works

  2. hmm i think i told u my steps once. just do screen print. then i select the part of the pic i want with the dotted box thingy. open a new document, say no to save changes? then paste the cut out part on the new document. when i enlarge from there i usually dont enlarge any bigger than 150%. and i usually use 130 or 140%. then i save. thats all. i cant think of anything else. o then i like grab the sides of the document and make it fit the pic.
    hugs, cord


  4. ok vos what i do is print page, then go to paint, past, the cut out ONLY the part u want then cut, delete everything else, then press paste and then go down to the bottom right corner and grab the blue dot up to the corner of ur pic, save and post!

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