Check out my New Page!!!!!!!!

December 28, 2008

I made a new page called my club penguin cronicals and  what I do is write stories about penguins in club penguin. Some are real penguins and some I make up. My first stiry on the page is called How we discovered the Undeground Part of Club Penguin. It’s Awesome and kind of random but not that much. Me,Cmervos,and Iceycold79 are in How we discovered the Underground part of Club Penguin ~Dancer Bri P.S  The URL is dancerbri.wordpress.com


  1. try a diff one NOT Linksys and see what happens

  2. :l NO THE OTHER ONES R WEIRD ok fine ugh but still!

  3. did any work?

  4. Nope. only lynksis and it wont work eaither alll of them need passwords and stuff and only lynksis can ACTUALLY CONNECT and it wont even work it says this page cannot be desplayed plz help me

  5. go back into it and disconnect everything thats connected. restart your laptop then go back into that and connect to linksys. X out and look at that computer icon down at the bottom(used to have an X on the computer) does it have a little globe or an X?

  6. it has an X

  7. !and you connected to linksys AFTER you rebooted your laptop and it had an X? check if your router is on. what kind of router do you have because i have a netgear and its a piece of crap but it works …Sometimes…

  8. well whatever kind of router you have does it have a blinking light with a (cell phone)tower thing?

  9. ok ok so i disconnected AGAIN ok lol and the routers dont work at all so im wireless connecting *i dont care about the grammar* and um so yea can u PLZ make a vid on how to do it pllzzzz! i would appreciate it sooooo much!!! thanks
    p.s. gtg well i think ill b on 2morrow so plz make that vid about hwo to connect it would mean so much

  10. no problem

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