Ello vos is back and ready for action

June 5, 2009

Helllooooo viewers! i just logged onto meebo and realized that a few people have IM’d me but the one that caught my eye was someone (who seems like a fan :)) asked if i had quit. Well, the answer to that question is no. im just taking a break. ill b posting during the summer =] =] =]


  1. VOS! i drew a piccy of you (not yer penguin, you) and i be wonderin whether to put it on me blog. Ima askin ye first because i be sensible like that… aye.or I could show it to ye on chat. please can ye reply ASAP and let me know…arrr.

    yours sincerly, Pirate snail (Im ray)

    p.s- im proud of it, it may not be very good BUT IM PROUD TO BE BRITISH, uh sorry kinda lost track there.

    p.s.s- Meep

  2. cmervos what happened to robby002 and yao360. it seems like everyone has dropped off the face of the earth. even watex did. also i quit cp

  3. Hey,

    WOW your site has improved dramatically in hits and style! I am very glad for your success! I will make this my first Club Penguin Cheats site to stop by when looking for cheats etc.

    Could I be added to your blogroll?

    If you don’t mind I would appreciate it if you can come and comment back on my site! We aren’t new my site just got hacked and we are making a come back! (: Thanks!

    Click here to comment back!

    Note: We are giving out a Club Penguin Code series 3 soon!

    -Professorlax Inc.

    If you want to talk to me live just go on my chat!

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    Have a good day 😉

  4. SPARK!!! i did quit for a while but i came to my senses and decided to play for the sake of all my friends. leave me a comment on my wordpress

  5. hey love your website! I’m going to keep visiting and commenting!

    check out my club penguin cheats at

  6. heyy nervous!!
    who do u have for your homeroom? I HAVE SKY SCRAPER U R JELOUS!!!!! lol so how has ur summer been??? my grandpa is in triple bypass.. talk to you later… prob at school… down the shore until september 7th. see u at school. BYEEEE

    -purplelove aka angie

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