Please feed? *makes innocent eyes*

October 27, 2009

Hello guys =]
Ummm so i was kinda thinking today, how can i help people/animals in need? So, my friend sent me a vid from youtube. and i have to say, it’s pretty sick. So, if you’re a softy, then you’ll most likely break out into tears like i did. It’s about how …..—…….mean people like these have horrid excuses to abandon their dogs. i mean COME ON A LANDLORD? LIKE WTH! anyway heres the vid, but this post isnt much about this, but i will be posting a helpful link soon! Watch it if u have a heart for animals and dogs(sho ur friends)

Anyway,SO my friend and i were tlking about it and so my other friend told me about a website that donates rice to the UN World Food Program for the needy. PLEASE and i am going to say it many more times:PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click on the link! its really helpful to those who are starving! i have done it and so far i have given aboutt 1,140 grains of rice. Thats about 10 full bowls of rice, plus one more bowl, and almost another bowl !!!! its so easy and free i swear you will NOT regret doing this! if we can get tons of people to do this, we can save so many lives! anyway all you have to do is answer questions, like math and vocab etc. and its multiple choice



the answer is 6. you’ve donated 10 grains of rice already. please spread the word about this website(visit it to donate rice to people who are starving!):


Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vos and Mimi ❤


  1. awwww

  2. Hello vos. It’s been a while, a long while. A while thats long. Yes…

    That video is really sad 😦 Poor doggies! I have a dog and I wouldn’t dream of getting rid of her EVER.

    Hope to see you soon, Leave a comment on my blog


  3. 😦 That vid is rlly sad… but, their excuses werent even GOOD excuses? like, landlord? too much energy? wth. :U im gonna go to that site like every day. ;A; i have a dog in Venezuela, and i would NEVER give him away. i love him a lot D:

    /goes donate more

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