Pearl Harbor Day

December 7, 2009

hey guys…this is more of a serious post than those really humorous cmervos and mimi shows…..

so …today’s Pearl Harbor Day….heres more info incase u didnt kno anythign about it:

OK so pearl harbor day was on December 7, 1941. The Japanese navy striked against the U.S. at Pearl Harbor located in Hawaii.. it destroyed many air crafts and killed many people ……2,402 to be exact.

This is NOT something minor. like i said before, many people were killed…….and for those who are very mean and selfish, dont u dare think that this is stupid, because its like a mini 9/11 attack…..at least, in my opinion. sure its not as serious as 9/11 but its still important and i dont think anybodys forgotten about it.

in the newspaper:

before attack:

after attack:

as u can see, the Pearl Harbor attack has impacted our society. that is why we have Pearl Harbor day every year on December 7….remember those who fought…..


  1. Miao. I know you missed me. Everyone misses me, even if they dont know me, they have this feeling that something incredible isnt in their life and must talk to me via wordpress comment or chat.

    How has your christmas been? What did you get? Meeee…. I got this cute cat watch thing on a keychain *Meow* and this manga book which displays different faces and japanese phrases! Yokatta ^_^ ! I also got lots of bath stuff… fruity bath stuff (they should make blueberry pie showergel…huge hit that would be) Also a calligraphy set. I love calligraphy ❤ luuurrvvvv it. ooh ooh and a glitter lamp with fishes in it 😀 they go blub blub all day long!

    So post me an annoyingly long comment just like this one and I'll see if I can be bothered to read it xD Just joking, I mean about me bothering to read the comment I know your going to send me… not the fact that you should send me a comment.

    ja ne!!!

    p.s. Itsuka sekai o shihai suru zo! Wa ha ha ha ha!

  2. Thanks for your post for Pearl Harbor Day!
    Journey Back to Pearl Harbor at:
    Honor our Veterans today and always. Fly the American Flag!

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