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NEW POST!!! FINALLY!! talk about the olympics!!! and posting drawings soon!

February 26, 2010

im so happy i finally got to post on here! wuts been goin on guys? :] i am soooooo sorry i havent posted in sooooo loonggg it just got a bit boring… :/ anyway so yea.

i was sooooo happy when the olympics started a few weeks ago. which country are u rooting for? ill give u a hint of who im rooting for. *cough* USA!!USA! USA!!! *cough* oh sorry my throat slipped……?!

anyway apolo ohno is my favorite athlete so far ;D my favorite sport so far is ICE SKATING/ICE DANCING! those people have skilllzzzzzzz!!!

lol anyway whos ur favorite athlete so far and ur fave sport so far in the olympics? comment down there

oh and i almost forgot! i think im getting a printer lol but when i do it’ll b soon and itll have a scanner so ill be able to post the pictures ive been drawing and ive been improving by a lot ;D