November 11, 2011

wow. everybody is gone from cp. i quit a long time ago, but its crazy how everything changed.

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  1. Hey Vos, it’s Nick (you may formerly remember me as Robby002 ^_^) For some reason I started thinking about ClubPenguin today and decided to look at old YouTube channels and WordPresses, and I noticed that you made this post a while ago. However, it was only 7 months ago. This is a lot more recent than that of YT channels and WP updates of my other old friends. Yeah, I understand that this is kind of a long shot, but worth a try! I really miss talking to you, as well as everyone else I used to know and love just a few years ago, and when you think about it, and how good of friends we all were, its a bit depressing, haha. But I digress. I would absolutely love it if you emailed me @ Nickb259@gmail.com. If I don’t answer, JUST SPAM THE EVERLIVING HELL OUT OF MY EMAIL. I just don’t check my email very often because it is all spam :). If for any reason at all, there is some issue with email, send me a text message @ 260-403-2098 (If you don’t have a phone, go to TextEm.net and under Carrier, select Verizon). I really, really hope you read this sometime, whether its tomorrow, or 5 months from now, I want to get back in touch with you.

    Email me!
    – Nick (Robby) 🙂

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