Dr.Vos, if you need help, this is where you go.

Ello, i am Dr.Vos, but my friends call me Dr.Vos or Vos, OR cmervos. This is where i fix ur problems, or answer questions. If ur in a fight, this is where u go for the solution. If u need to learn how to tie ur shoes, this is where u go. Ehhh so maybe u already know how to tie ur shoes but STILL. anyway just leave a comment below, and…..*turns on superhero music* DUN DUN DUN DUN! SUPER VOS! well actually its dr.vos but I DONT CARE! 😛


  1. Hello Dr.Vos. I have this big boy prob i need to solve.My friend makes me look like an idot in front of him. And he is 2 years older then me. I think she likes him though. But where can i get the facts!? Oh and here is an example of when she imbrassed me. On fri. the 24th it was my school dance and close to the end i got cramps from dancing, then i was about to cry so she went in and got him!!! She told him to give me a hug!? Then she pushed him in to me. Then i was crying after the dance!! CAN U HELP ME!?

  2. Alright,mimi. here’s the solution:
    First, i bet she was just trying to help, since she saw that u were upset. And well, it’s over now, and maybe he was also embarassed. Yno,maybe he likes u. If u think she did it on purpose just to embarass u, then just talk to her. tell her how u feel, just stay calm during the conversation, also talk it over with the boy, just to get the facts straight. wow this was kinda a tough question but i think itll help u. Bye! and Good luck, and Hope this helped!

  3. thx so much dr.vos this will help so much.

  4. grrr! Dr. Vos how do I become neat!!!! I just CANT!!! *pulls hair* IM GONNA FREAK OUT IF I KEEP BEING MESSY!

  5. Dear Dawn,
    First, take a look at what is un neat. Then, maybe just try to make it look straight, or sort it in alphebetical order. What helps me be neat is to stay calm and just take a look at what’s un neat. sooo say my file cabinets were un neat, i’d take a look, take them all out, and sort them NEATLY. Maybe put it in a neat file, or chronoligical order (order by date) Maybe that could help.Remember, stay calm, and wut u need is patience to solve this problem, and u will become neat. Hope this advice helped!

  6. thnx dr. Vos!

  7. uhh wait! u know on the side and stuff… how u put like the pie buddy thing? kkkkkkkkkk– ur i mean k. =) i know, im a bit clueless

  8. dear dawn,
    my friend made me that. and first go to widgets, then go to text and put in the code. hope that helped.

  9. oh thnx. and yesh i am bak… idk y i didnt put this is bfore (clueless me) and i think its my last q. i think… its the copyscape thing. um like… hm…. jeez i cant think of the sentence…. like… urrr… wait wait i got it! yeah how is it like protected? i mean like.. how u got it protected… dot dot dot?

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