Funny pictures! YOU decide!

Hey guys. We,(as in Mimi and Cmervos) have decided to let YOU have something funny to show everyone. So we are going to make a picture, and YOU will decide what it says. Remember, it’s a FUNNY picture,no pressure. Just comment and say what you want the cartoon to say. We will pick 1 that we think is the funniest. If you don’t get it the first time, don’t worry. We do this every week. Here are the rules:

1.Make it funny.

2.No innapropriate language or innapropriate sayings.

3.Don’t be embarrassed if it isn’t so good. Give it a try.

4.Have Fun!

Well, here’s the picture. Give it something funny to say!



ClubPenguinPicture-44.jpgYes,the animal is on a GOLDEN PLAQUE!


  1. eh bad breath… what did u have for lunch?

  2. nice. lol. i wonder what he ate. maybe it was that tuna sandwich with onions and garlic. maybe…

  3. i think he just ate peanut butter and garlic lolz

  4. I thought jaws wuz a movie?!

  5. I can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave ur name, number, and species afta the beep.

  6. nice lol! u guys r good. my idea is: you need to see a dentist I MEAN LOOK AT THOSE THINGS THEY’RE HUGE!

  7. looks like the shark needs braces AGAIN

  8. Close ur mouth before u choke on a fly

  9. Robby: OH NO!
    Friend: What, did the shark scare you?
    Robby: No! It ate my wallet!

  10. nice 1 lol!

  11. Um do sharks like to eat penguins?? i hope not!!!! -yao360

  12. citezens: AHHH!!!! A GIANT PENGUIN!!!!
    cmervos: what?!!?!?!?!?!?
    citezens: *gets torches* GET HER!!!
    cmervos: wow, i shouldn’t have eaten those nachos…

  13. ouchy! slidin down this mountain on my rear buttuckus is a little painful!

  14. am i flying? -yao360

  15. Cmervos: I wish i didnt travel to the world of alice and wonderland and drunk that potion….


    Cmervos: Uh it didnt work out…. I kinda drank a magic potion

    Rrayray: Ohh…. GET HER!!!


  16. uhh not what i thought of when i bought a security cam….

  17. Cmervos: *geeky voice* huck huck look at dat animals it so awesome its like half seal half bear half pokemon-wait- three halfs… oh well!

  18. Cmervos: so…um… hows Winnie the Pooh?

  19. Cmervos: MY! What Big Teeth You Have!
    Bear: The Better To Eat You With!
    Cmervos: I Thought You Were a Vegetarian?
    Bear: Oh Well…

  20. You know, its very rude to stare. Oh dont give me that look!

  21. cmerovs: um excuse me ur sorta blocking my view
    bear: RAWR!!!!
    cmervos: sorry i dont speak bear. but i do spek english.
    bear: oh so sorry. i supposed ill say IM GONNA KILL U!!!
    cmervos: g4u and good luck with that

  22. ehh i thought of anotha one

    cmervos: *looks at bear head thing* y do i even have that. its SO tacky AND last season
    bear: i take that personally
    cmervos: u sorta should. i mean CMON P.U! u smell like pickles
    bear: REALLY?

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