Meow language

Hello. You know how i always say meow? Well, i just made up a language called “Meownese”, and heres how you write it. you take the first letter of the word that you want then put it on the word “eow”.

i know you might not understand, but here’s an example:

If you wanna say Hi People, then type this:

Heow Ieow Peow Eeow Oeow Peow Leow Eeow.

so if you take away the eows in that sentence, then it will say:

Heow Ieow Peow Eeow Oeow Peow  Leow  Eeow

see? isnt that clever? yea i know im awesome. 😛


  1. O.M.I i can totally use this! i would have neva thoguht of this… oh WAIT

    Teow Heow Neow Xeow Ueow Veow Oeow Seow

    guess wta i said lol

    Editor’s comment You said THNX U VOS lol 😛 thanks!

  2. yeow aeow yeow ieow aeow meow geow eow teow teow ieow neow geow geow oeow oeow deow aeow teow teow heow ieow seow Guess what I said

  3. obvious yay i am getting good at this

  4. Heow Aoew Peow Peow Yeow Aeow Leow Meow Oeow Seow Teow Beow Ieow Reow Teow Heow Deow Aeow Yeow Veow Oeuw Seow!!!! guess wat i said!! XD

  5. happy almost birthday vos!!

  6. OMG! We are like, EXACTLY the same!!! I say meow a lot too!!!

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