Our band, the Sizzlin’ Girlz!

Hey everybody! In real life, I,Cmervos,Dancerbri,Icey cold 79, and our other friend are in a band. It all started at camp, when we were bored and we just started singing, and we all thought that we sounded good, so we made a band called the Sizzlin’ Girlz! (we mispelled it on purpose!) Here are some common questions:

Q.So, who REALLY came up with it?

A. all of us, it was a group idea 🙂


Q.Do you guys have band names, where’d you get them from?

A.Yes, we do have band names, they’re really cool! here they are:


2.Icey Cold 79=Shocker

3.Our other friend, (not allowed to say names)=Kicker


We all chose those names because those represent the things we like, or our favorite activities, or just our favorite words.


Q.Who’s the leader, who plays what instrument?

A. All of us are the leaders,we dont have a leader cuz it’s unfair,though we have a manager and an agent. here’s a list of instruments:

Iceycold=lead singer


dancerbri= 2nd guitar



Q. How did you guys meet? Are you friends,siblings?

A.We met at school, we’re all friends, but Rose is the oldest, Shocker and Kicker are the same age (in the same grade), and we JUST met Chillin’ at camp 🙂

Q.Do you guys ever fight?

A.Uhh, not the greatest question……sometimes we fight but we always become friends again 🙂


If anyone has anymore questions, dont hesitate to ask. Hope that stuff answers your questions, now here’s a biography about all of them:

Cmervos:Rose: Preppy, scared of bugs, animal lover, treasures friendships.(jb lover)

Rose is happy at times, although she’s sensitive, she doesn’t let anyone hurt her friends’ feelings, or ruin her fun.

Chillin’:Dancerbri:Happy, FULL OF LAUGHTER!!!, fun to play with!(jb lover)

Chillin’ laughs at EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes always so happy and full of joy, she really loves cheerleading and the Jonas Brothers, (the whole band loves the Jonas Brothers,that’s what inspired us)

Icey Cold 79:Shocker: REALLLYY HAPPPY,animal LOVER,JB lover, fun!

Icey cold doesn’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING stop her from following her dreams, she’s really nice and stuff.


Kicker:(our friend) fun, FULL OF KARATE!, JB lover.

She is always so happy, she really loves nature and enjoys having fun during the Summer!

Well, that’s all. Remember, if there are any more questions, just leave a comment and ask away! (Yes, we reply to questions as soon as we get them!) Bye!


  1. awesome band guys! kirbz and i just started a band recently and we need some band members so and1 that wants to join go to robby002.wordpress.com!!!

  2. sounds great! I hope you like the pic I made for you, thanks for displaying it on your blog!

    Question- do you actaully know guitar? or is that a cp thing? I know this is irrelevent but I’m gonna learn the flute lol- tried the guitar, didn’t work tho.


  3. we rock don’t we? lol

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