Penguin of the month!

EHEM. NOOO NOT U STARING AT THE SCREEN AND WASTING UR TIME READING THIS. WELL DUHHH! YES YOU STARING AT THE COMPUTER SCREEN AND WASTING YOUR TIME! OK OK ILL CUT TO THE CHASE. ANY PENGUIN (THAT I KNOW SO IF IDK U THEN JUST COMMENT AND TELL ME ABOUT URSELF AND ADD ME ON CLUBPENGUIN) WHO IS VERY GOOD (woops caps) any penguin that is good, and is kind and generous will be penguin of the month. i know i dont update igloo of the month anymore but just bare with me OKAY? ill update it asap geez. anyway, winner will recieve an icon that is SHINY and says penguin of the month (then it’ll say the month) and it’ll say ur name in big letters with ur penguin’s pic on it! u cant b penguin of the month again until everyone has gotten a chance. o ya and if u post the icon on ur blog, type in next to it “made by cmervos, visit cmervos.wordpress.com for more info”. thanks.

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