Scrapbook time!

So, you thought i was gonna show ya REAL pics? Nah, pics of my penguin. I remember like it was just a long time ago. Well the reason i made this page is because i knew you all wondered:”What was Cmervos like when she was younger? Was she as crazy as she is today?” well, wonder no longer, here’s the scrapbook i made! Enjoy!
ClubPenguinPicture-56.jpg picture by cmervosWell, now you know why i always say meow, well i got 2 words for you: FIRST WORD
ClubPenguinPicture-57.jpg picture by cmervos

WelI all i have to say is, IT WASNT ME!

ClubPenguinPicture-58.jpg picture by cmervosHey, i thought i ordered a pony, but this saves me from having to smell the horse. Good boat.

ClubPenguinPicture-60.jpg picture by cmervos           I was never the “working type”.


ClubPenguinPicture-61.jpg picture by cmervos                                                                    They always said i have a “big smile”, but you know me, taking things literal.

Hope you enjoyed it, i will try to add more pics and stuff as time goes on. Bye!






  1. lol,
    ur too funny! by the way congrats on the hits….i wont say i said so but i said ud get the hits

  2. Cmervos i can only say three words…

    THAT WAS ASSUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. niccceeeeeeeeeee!!
    Vos: Meows
    Kirby: Barks
    Kirby: I like cake
    Vos: yum
    *Then we get cake*
    agn AWESOME!!!!

  4. Nice Lol Meow!!!!!!! yay:D

  5. nice lol

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