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October 6, 2008

                      Robby002 PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 


Alright so i just went on robby’s blog and i saw a comment that told robby i liked him. well robby i did NOT leave that comment…..whoever did that is a dead, cuz i will report them to wordpress, so if u did it CONFESS NOW! Robby, i like u as a friend and i dont “love u” like a relationship. im sure ur mad at that person too ROBBY I REALLY HOPE U READ THIS!


Can someone answer this? Be owner for a month AND advertise ur blog if you help me….

October 5, 2008

Alright, so many of you saw how my pictures always come out blurry or unreadable or u just cant see it well, its not clear. WELL, all i do is press print screen then paste it into paint…i zoom into it b4 i take the pic (not too much) and i enlarge it a little to make it more clear. No matter what i do or try it always comes out the same. And i want clear pics like cordially and rrayray(etc)….i dont want pics like the 1’s that i make cuz theyre just not really….clear….and u cant really see them good enough and stuff SO what YOURE gonna do is help me. And i cant paste my pics onto microsoft word (etc.) DONT ASK why. but if you can help me, and i try it, and it seems really clear and its a really good pic, then i’ll make you owner for a month, and ill advertise youre site. thanks, good luck.