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New Years WOO WOO

December 31, 2009

happy new years everyone!:O can u believe it? it’s already new years!!! tonight at exactly 12:00PM it will be 2010!!!! so many

 events happened in 2009……..*reminisces* (NOT IN ORDER!)

1. Lady Gaga was introduced…

2. 2 words for ya: NEW MOON!!!!!!!  ❤ [*drools* edward……]

3. Barack Obama became president! 😀

4. Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs (to tell u the truth, i dont really care cuz it was super dramatic and taylor swift is an OK singer…….im not really a big fan of her!)

5.  one of the biggest things  was balloon boy…..poor kid! (im not saying tht because he puked on national tv! his parents wanted attention!)

6. my birthday ;D (jk jk)

7. jon and kate broke up

8. a mom gave birth to 8 babies at a time [O_o]

9. michael jackson died </3 R.I.P king of pop!

10.the bernie madoff scandal

11. the tiger woods incident…..

12. miracle on the hudson

13. susan boyle won britains got talent

14. Brittney Spears made a comeback!!

i know i didnt name them all but…..whats ur fave event?

oh wait! mimi and i decided to make a new years special ^^ u dont have to read it


vos: its vos

mimi: its mimi

both: and this is the NEW YEARS SPECIALLL!

*mimi rings bell but vos steals bell and rings*

vos: just incase u didnt no

mimi: todays new years…..

vos: eve

mimi: ya wut she sed

vos: …….

mimi: so lets kick off new years with dancin’!

*mimi randomly dances*

vos: um…..i think ive gone blind…..for the second time

mimi: y the second ?

vos: cuz i looked at ur face


mimi:…….vos i really hope ur kidding

vos: yep!

mimi: REALLY? 😀

vos: nope!

*mimi gives vos stare*

vos: anyway lets bring out the new year baby!

*lovely assistant brings out bunny*

vos: i said baby..not the easter bunny!

*bunny gives vos angry glare*
vos: O_o

bunny: 😡 HOW DARE U SAY THT!

vos: hahaha thts impossible i mean ur a bunny u cant talk that wud be-

*vos passes out*

*mimi brings bunny back and baby out*

*baby drools on vos*

*vos wakes up*

vos:……..wuts tht weird wet stuff…..oh how i hope thats water

mimi: ur hopes r rong vos…..

vos: 😥

*mimi blows new years horn*

mimi: lets go crazzyyyy!!!!!!!

vos: ur already crazy and hyper u dont need any more

mimi: tou che….

vos: but lets do it anyway!
*turns on music and both dance with a disco ball*

*vos and mimi drink new years punch and lots of candy*

*3 hours later party ends*

*vos and mimi r laying down with big stomachs and moaning*

vos: ill never eat candy as long as i live

*vos slowly eats more candy*

mimi: same….. i feel like a balloon

*mimi starts to float*

vos: mimi u R a balloon now!

*vos starts laughing and pointing*


vos: if u say so!

*vos takes needle*

mimi: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VOS DO-

*vos pops mimi*

*mimi’s shreds fall to ground*


mimi’s shreds: u popped me NOWFIX ME

*gets ducttape and fixes mimi*

vos: all better!

mimi: anyway i think its time to end our show

vos: until next time!

both: byeeeeeeeeee and happy new years

*credits play*