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FINALLY! YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY SOOOO HAAPPYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 11, 2009

Well guys! I made a new CP vid. heres what happened:


Last week we had a snow day. I decided i wanted to make something nice for mimi2597. she loves the song decode, by paramore, so i did that music vid. it took a day and a half. Then, i uploaded it millions of times, then it kept saying tht it was the rong format. I GOT SO FURIOUS! so of course you know me, my anger issues (kidding), hitting pillows,biting pilows, squeezing my stress toy (kidding again. TAKEA JOKE PEOPLE!) so then i asked some proffessionals, such as heatbolt (visit his blog at i think lol) and then it didnt work again SO I ASKED CORDIALLY (THANK U SOOOO MUCCHHH!) and she helped me get it to upload. (visit her FANTASTIC BLOG @! so then once i uploaded it, i got so furious i almost cried. it said the audio was delete cuz of third party content (3rd party content is when u put audio into ur vid and it was copyrighted and bla bla bla justl look it up DONT BE LAZY!)  for the past week, i quit on it and just moved on. BUT TODAY AT NIGHT (NOT TOO LATE maybe around 8 ish 9 ish) i found a video. it had the best and easiest directions anyone could ever follow. so i copied,pasted,bla bla bla AND I GOT IT BACK! WOOO! so heres my finished product! 😀


Dedicated to Mimi2597 because she gets this song stuck in my head constantly at school (LOL JK!) shes one of my best friends =]

sorry about the first part w/ the hypecam thing moving around and flying everywhere XD i learned how to get rid of it in the second part, ETC.


Here it is: Paramore-Decode-CPMV by Cmervos!

p.s. some parts r a BIT off! ENJOY!