Text talk!!!

Hey guys and gals. I know many people don’t know what text talk is,especially if some of them don’t spend as much time on the computer as me, so i know a lot of text talk by now. Text talk is letters that stand for certain things,such as “omg”,which just about a lot of people know what it stands for. So i made a list so you can visit this page and review it as much as you want! Enjoy:

lol=laughing out loud (it means your laughing),lots of love,little old lady (my personal favorite!)



rofl=rolling on the floor laughing

no=know (sometimes if someone says “u no” or something)

lmhao=laughing my head off

omg=oh my gosh

roflol=rolling on the floor laughing out loud

ty/u=thank you/u

np=no problem

brb=be right back

u/yw=ur/your welcome

c ya l8er= see ya later


ttyl=talk to you later

afk=away from keyboard

pos=parent(s) over shoulder (it comes in handy!)

wt?=what the?

wat,wuht,and wut=what

cu=see you or cracking up


bbl=be back later

gtg/g2g=got to go

ily=i like/love you

bff=best friends forever

bffl=best friends for life

bf=best friend

u/ymbf= your my best friend

lgs=lets go shopping

nm=nothing much


k/kk=ok (just an extra k at the end)

jk=just kidding

tmi=too much info

fyi=for your info

A.S.A.P=as soon as possible

A.Q.A.P=as quick as possible

I know im missing some so if you think i misssed any please comment and tell me which ones i missed. Thank you.

~cmervos 🙂


  1. pos- parent over shoulder
    ttfn- ta ta for now

  2. How ’bout these?

    lylas-love ya like a sister
    roflshid-rolling on the floor laughing so hard i’m dying
    (I made “roflshid” up…lol!)


  3. hey
    i just got back from south carolina and it was freaken hot man!! but awesome and u for got asap as slow as possiable. i have know clue if i spelt that right. and spelt too. well see ya at the pool byia!!

  4. Hey cmervos hi mimi.
    Its me Icey Cold 79.
    I miss u guys!

    lot of love
    Icey Cold 79 or iceycold79

  5. Hi!CMERVOS its me your friend iceycold79.
    just wanna say hi!
    Now bye!

  6. do lal (i made that up) it means lets all laugh LAL


  7. hey cmervos!!! what’s up? i love your cool, hip lingo. wow i sound weird….don’t pay any attention to my weirdness right now! ooooo i made up another one!

    iuw (if you want) yay for me!

    ~Name or Kiri

  8. SO SO SO SO SUPER Sorry!! Will you forgive me. 😦 I BEG you! At least we only hade to of the same texts.i was so bored and I haven’t posted that much and i forgot PLS PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. IFI If someone Copies you it just means they Love YOUR BLOG! Lol 😀

  10. bf: Boyfreind
    gf: Girlfreind
    ni: not interested
    ga: go away
    idlu: i don’t like you
    su: shut up 😆
    ilp: i love pie

    these txt talks will make you LOL 😆

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