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Hey guys. I know that many of you have some questions about blogging and stuff, so we decided to make an “Ask Us”. Ask us anything. A question. A comment. No matter how silly it is we will answer. Ooops, we forgot, there’s no such thing as a bad question. Yea, so say ask us anything you want. Just comment and ASK AWAY! Bye!

~Cmervos and Mimi2597


  1. HOW dO U MAKE A CHAT???

  2. 1.Go to xat.
    2. click on make your own chat box
    3. copy the URL (sight from the adress bar)
    4. Go to your blog and click on manage links
    5. Paste the URL into the box that says WEB ADRESS
    6. name it and stuff.
    7. save it. Ur done.
    1.go to any chat box
    2. click get your own chat box
    3. do steps 3,4,5,6 and 7

    That’s all u need to know!

    ~Cmervos and Mimi

  3. thanks! and when i said my chat u do know i meant my meebo at the top right, rite?

    Editor’s Comment: No Problem.
    Replied by Cmervos

  4. and what program do u use to make videos? kuz when i use hypercam or screen recorder gold it saves it as an avi.file and doesnt load.

    Editor’s Comment: Sorry, I do not know. I think you can also use a webcam, but you have to buy it at a store.

    -Commented By Cmervos-

  5. hi its me angela. i was just wondering how to get a chat box. ill give you my pasword in school and you can get me one. kk im board so bye.

  6. angela i just told someone else. its RIGHT THERE!

  7. how do you make a pic at the top of the screen near the title? yours says Welcome to my blog! Feel free to go on anytime!


  8. Oh,Ok. You take a picture and save it as a jpg file etc. then, go here to design and click on custome image header. click browse then upload it,crop it, save it, and your done. Glad i could help.

    ~cmervos 😀

  9. cmervos
    idk y u worry bout how many hits ur gettin, cuz soon ur gonna pass me. ur cmervos and mimi show rox. and i think ur funny picture page is gonna b a hit. good luck i know i come here more that once a day to get a good laugh.

  10. lol i will never pass you U HAVE LIKE OVER 5,000! i know im getting a lot but really, i might never reach my goal. all i ever wanted was to be a good idol by many people, including kids my age. i dont think thats gonna happen. no matter what i wont reach my goal im sorry cord. bye.


  11. i dont see any of the steps. how about tomorrow in school i just give you my password and u can make one for me. kk? good.


  13. how do u make a blogroll?

  14. how to make blogroll:
    1.go to dashboards
    2.go to design
    3.go to widgets
    4. click on links
    5. links is the same thing as blogroll except the name is different.
    that’s about it 🙂

  15. thnx im putting u on it! =)

  16. 😦 My page says u can’t hav links…

  17. vos it wont work plz plz plz add me on ur blogroll!!!

  18. how do u get that calender?

  19. go to widgets and click on calender. there r also some other really cool things.

  20. thnx

  21. How do u get so many hits? I only hav 335?

  22. ummm… Hey. Well how do i trust a friend if that friend did the complete oppistie of wut i told her to do! Wut do i do!!!!!

  23. just tell her how u feel. next time, give her 1 more chance. if she blows it, then just dont ask her to do ur command. hope i helped.

  24. I HAV OVER 400 VIEWS!!!! TY SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! :)!!!!


  25. its me dj!

  26. u know cmervos the person who imn talking about is anglea and im not giving her another chance!!!!!!

  27. i know i dont like her either. AKA PURPLELOVE15

  28. what the fuck is wrong with you stupid jews. you guys are stupid. must be why they go to temples! lolz ( a teple is part of the brain)this is the coment you told me b4….

    https://cmervos.wordpress.com | annalevitine@hotmail.com |

    no. no. i dont mind if u use different ideas, u just cant copy ours. it’s fine. we like competition. just dont copy our ideas,k?

  29. dear cmervos,
    a few Q’s from me-
    1. What’s your chat
    2. How do I put pictures on my blog
    3. How do I put vids on my blog
    4. Give me some tips on how to get plenty of hits please! My highest number of views was 55 for me.
    Peace aka i wanna be an american idiot

  30. Dear peaceofmyhart,
    here are the answers to ur questions in order
    1. my chat is “Cmervos’s AWESOME chat”. If u scroll down to links, you will see it.
    2. to place a pic on ur blog, just copy it, OR when u make a new post, it says: “add pictures” you could copy the url from the picture or u could upload it from paint or some other system.
    3. when u make a new post, click on “add videos”.
    4. Aching for hits? here are some tips!
    1. put on some contests and slide shows.
    2. make some pages like mine. if you want to copy some of my ideas, you must have my permission first.
    3. make sure you add pics,vids, and a chat (for people who wanna talk and hang out)
    4. add some widgets and extras. add a title. crop a picture and add it to ur custome header.
    5. make sure ur topics are interesting. make sure u r nice to ur viewers. treat them carefully.
    6. to make sure everything’s under control, lay down some rules for the comments. i layed down rules. some people dont follow them (cough purplelove15 cough) but thats ok.

    All these things will help u.

  31. cmervos,
    i band purple today. he had the nerve to act like he didnt do anything and complained to xat. so i had to read all the f u and everythin all ova that he said on my site. im like really disalusioned. idk y my heart still loves him. he is awful. to say those things bout u was really terrible too. im srry hes bein that way i truely am. but, im not a big enough rat to protect the mice from the cat.

  32. I know this is not a question well it sorta is but not related to this. Please go on my website random0rrayray.wordpress.com and see the very serious post about cyber bullying on clubpenguin. All this is true and all that has happened to me, please comment and tell me what you think.

    Many thanks


  33. How do you make lanyard?

  34. LOL thats easy…. follow these steps
    1.get 2 pieces of lanyard,different colors,(the strings,u can get them at craft stores)
    2. make a twirly weird looking knot, i dont know how but just….i dont know lol
    3. now, simply take one of the colors, loop it over, then take the other (same colored) string and loop it over (same thing)
    4. now,weave the other colors through. go over, and then under, and do this with the other string, too.
    lanyard is easy, and its fun to make. its weaving. this form of lanyard is called a “box” if you wanna do barrel, do it diagnally, then you got barrel 🙂
    theres more than 1 way, try making cool designs 🙂

    Hope that helped!
    ~cmervos aka Rose

  35. How Do you get Your penguin To be on that little Pic next to your username?

  36. How do you get your penguin to be your avitar?

  37. How do you go on 2 penguins at once? Like i’ve seen it in vids, but when i search it and try it, it nvr works 😦 ~kirbz

  38. ooo Vos i have a q! (wow so obvious hu) ok ok how do u put like those icons on the side? like the broken stuff! and also i know its a widget(obviously) but who to u put the thing to see how many ppl r lookin at the blog? and the spam thing?ALSO! how u put the rules? i know.. i get annoying… but its important to ask qs! heeeelp!

    Editor’s Comment:Good Question! Yes, it is a widget, many widgets are awesome. Well heres the answer to ur question:
    1. to get the icon, click on 1 of mine, and it’ll take u to the site, pick out which 1’s u like, then copy the URL and go to widgets, then click on add on the widget Text, save changes, then go to text, and simply paste the URL into the text thing. the URL will b provided for u already.
    Same thing, go to widgets and click add to the 1’s that u want, then just save changes and use them 🙂 if u have anymore questions, dont hesitate to ask

  39. yea but idk wat the name of the ppl watching thing name is… im sorta stupid… i mean somebody told me but then i forgot so i look it up wat i remembered of course and like… didnt exists. so i got off. dont like to deal with things.. o o o o AND!!! like on the comments how do u like put in bold? sometimes i just dont understand stg unless u say it like this
    EX: those wires will make the potato.. BLAH BLAH stg bout potatoes is all i will hear

    u must put it like this: the potato will go tick tock.
    looks simpler to me.lol i loved the one of dont press this… i want one!!! i clicked on it and got like idk a minute of torture? lol.

  40. ooooooooook! i am back!!!!!! now i think ive figrued some stuff out! ( i THINK)

    so ill just write down wat i dont know

    1. i can’t decide on a blog theme… they r all so….. different
    2.how do u put the ppl viewing thing? teeeell meeee! plz?
    3. how u put the rules thing? and the copyscate(i wrote that rite?) thing? like.. how u get it protected…
    4. how u make a… a… a icon( i remembered the name)
    5. like… maybe i already said this but errr how u put like on the sides… like writing
    6. hmm… thats really it.

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