Cmervos Wants Millions of Hits

October 21, 2008

Hi, it’s me Cord. Cmervos has finally given me some directions about posting onto her site. She said she wants me to post everyday (if possible) grrr. She also wants to get a million hits. So here’s my plan. I’m gonna try to post daily (if possible). I do have limitations. I’m also gonna post different stuff here than on my site. So if you come here first you gotta go to my site to see what I said and if you go to my site first you gotta come here to see what I said. Get it?

Last night Vos and I were on chat. She asked me to go to this other chat room with her and help her. Well, I did. I totaly don’t get it. She wants this dude there to give us xats and to sub us. Well, I’m like beggin this dude to do that and I don’t even know what I’m askin for. Not to mention that this chat is like way outta my league. They cuss and some of their pics or totaly unreal. There was this one girl the other night that we went there that had a pic of her beside her name so I clicked on it to get a better look at her. O mm g. She had all these pics there of what looked like real murdered bodies. There were bodies without their head or limbs. Faces blown off and guts everywhere. I was like ttly grossed out. I thought I’d puke so I left. I hate doctor shows too! Ewwwww.

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  1. ewwww! yucky picture!

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