Vote for me or else I won’t give you a cookie!

January 18, 2009

Hiya I know you all know cord well she’s having a Mrs and Mr. CP pagent and I’m in it. Ao plz vote for me I have the pics right here. Go to cord’s blog. It’s on my blogroll and leave her a Comment saying dancerbri. JK you don’t have to vote for me I just hope you do. 2 ppl already voted for me pawneeto4 and jacknovozin voted for me. Jacknovozin said I was HOT! LOL 😀 Queen22rocks is winning with 5 votes. I’m tied for 2nd with pawneeto4. BREAK THE TIE!!

One comment

  1. hi cmervos this is jack, anthonyblues zacharyreds and cords buddy, yea i have a blog of my own and my penguin name is jacknovozin. check out my blog and leave a comment! it’s http://jacknovozin.wordpress.com

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